About  Asbestos and Silica Awareness

Asbestos and Silica Awareness are dedicated to providing asbestos and silica awareness training to people in all industries.  Traditionally, asbestos awareness training was time-consuming and needed to be conducted at head offices, worksites, or training facilities, disrupting productivity and cutting into personal time. 

Read on to learn more about our online asbestos and silica awareness training courses.

Asbestos awareness course

Asbestos was used extensively in Australia between the early 1900s to the 1990s and was later banned and made illegal Australia-wide in 2003. Even though asbestos has been largely not in use in Australia for more than two decades, the effects of asbestos use in Australia will be felt for decades to come. 


Common asbestos products

Common asbestos-containing products (ACMs) that were used in Australia include:

Weatherboard (also known as Hardy board)
Legacy car brake pads and car parts
Roofing and gutters
Flooring and underlay
and more.

Common asbestos industries

While there is no safe exposure level of asbestos, examples of industries that are at particularly high risk of exposure include:

Demolition workers
Building trades
General tradespeople
Roofing specialists
Mining workers
and more.

Asbestos health risks

After being inhaled, tiny asbestos fibres, known as 'fibrils', can create scarring in the lungs and significantly increase the risk of certain cancers and other adverse health issues.
Adverse health conditions linked to Asbestos exposure include:

Lung cancer
Mesothelioma (cancer of the lungs lining)
Cancer of the larynx
and more.

Over 4000 Australians have died from asbestos-related illnesses, with that number expected to climb over the coming decades. One of the best ways to protect yourself against asbestos exposure is through education and prevention. 

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Our asbestos and silica awareness and safety training provides you with the knowledge and skills to identify asbestos and silica-containing materials, deal with them, and adopt safe practices.

Silica awareness course

Asbestos and Silica Awareness are dedicated to providing safe environments for Australian workers with a high risk of asbestos and silica exposure. We provide silica awareness training online and on-demand, allowing you to complete the course independently at your own pace.


Common silica products

Silica is a natural compound found in many building and construction materials. Some common products that contain silica include:

Sand and soil
Natural stone
and more.

Common silica industries

Industries most at risk from silica exposure include:

Engineered stone benchtop industry
Concrete workers
Earth workers
Brick, tile and concrete industries
Asphalt and road workers
Mining industries
Stone fabrication workers
and more.

Silica health risks

There are safe ways to work with silica-containing products, and education is paramount to workers in high-risk silica exposure industries.
Silica dust, like asbestos, can adversely affect the lungs when inhaled, causing:

Lung cancer
and more.

There is no known cure for silicosis, and it can take from 10 to 30-years for symptoms to appear.