Refund Policy


Thegeneral philosophy at Asbestos and Silica Awareness is that you are allowed toaccess all, or a portion of the course materials and assessment before paymentis required, to ensure you are confident that the course content and mode ofdelivery is suitable for your style of learning.

Ifyou have enrolled in a course that requires payment up front, we urge you totake our language literacy and numeracy indicator tool before you enrol.It’s free, and it will give you a very good indication of whetheryou have the necessary skills to complete the course you are interested in. Oneof our trainers will contact you if we feel you do not yet have the necessaryskills for that course.

Onceyou decide to continue your training and pay for a course, you are not normallyentitled to a refund of fees unless extenuating circumstances exist.

Ifyou can demonstrate that extenuating or significant personal circumstances thatled to your withdrawal from a course, you may be eligible to either a refund,or an offer for full credit towards the tuition fee in another scheduled programin-lieu of a refund.

Pleasenote that failing or refusing to take part in a ‘verification’ in an onlinecourse is NOT considered to be grounds for Inscope Training to issue a refund.

Asbestosand Silica Awareness Chief Executive Officer will notify you in writing of thedecision in these circumstances.

Whererefunds are approved, the refund payment must be paid to you within 14 daysfrom the time you gave written notice to cancel their enrolment.

Tuitionrefunds are to be paid via electronic funds transfer using the authorised bankaccount nominated by you on the Refund Request Form (accessed via the Resourcestab on our website).


If Asbestosand Silica Awareness becomes aware of a student participating in fraudulentactivities such as cheating or plagiarism on assessments:

  • The student’s enrolment will     be cancelled
  • The student will forfeit all     monies paid, and
  • The student will not be issued     a Statement of Attainment or Qualification.

Studentswill be advised via email of any decision made in these circumstances and willbe advised of Asbestos and Silica Awareness appeals process.


Allapplications for refund must be made through Asbestos and Silica Awarenessrefund request form located here: Refund Form

Uponreceipt of your request and within 14 days, the CEO of Asbestos and SilicaAwareness will either approve or reject your request and you will be advisedvia email of the outcome of your application. Students can appeal a refunddecision - please refer to the Asbestos and Silica Awareness appeal’s processlocated here: Appeal Form


Wehave tried to cover as many circumstances as possible regarding the eligibilityof refunding fees in the following table. You are encouraged to contact InscopeTraining on 1800 579 808 to talk to one of our staff will be able to help youwith your individual circumstances.



In  the event Asbestos and Silica Awareness is unable to commence the course for  which the original enrolment and payment have been made.

We  will provide a full refund of all fees paid or provide placement in an  appropriate alternative, in accordance with the student’s preference. No  administration fee will be applied to process the refund application.

Non-attendance  and cancellations of a short course with short notice.

If  a student does not attend their scheduled course or provides notice of  non-attendance which is less than two (2) business days from the start date:

  • A cancelation charge of $50 will apply to cover fixed       cost commitments and administration costs.
  • In these situations, if the student is seeking a       partial refund, they must submit a written request for a refund within       10 business days of the completion of the scheduled course.
  • After that time no refund will be provided.

Conditions  for re-scheduling a short course attendance.

In  situations where a student can provide Asbestos and Silica Awareness with at  least two (2) business days’ notice of their non-attendance at a scheduled  course, the options available to the student are:

  • Full refund, or
  • Reschedule their workshop attendance to an alternative       date. If the student makes the choice to reschedule the course to an       alternative date, they must undertake the course within three months of       the original course date.


Incircumstances where a refund of student fees applies, Asbestos and SilicaAwareness will utilise the following methods of refund:

  • Where the original fees were     received by Asbestos and Silica Awareness via a current credit card, the     refund will be credited back against the original credit card.
  • Where the original fees were     received by Asbestos and Silica Awareness via direct deposit, the refund     will be via an EFT reversal.


Allstudents have a right to appeal a refund decision made by Asbestos and SilicaAwareness. If dissatisfied with the outcome of Asbestos and Silica Awarenessappeals process, a student can lodge a complaint with the followingorganisations:

  • The relevant State Training     Authority (STA) which in Queensland is the Department of Education and     Training at